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Mr. Seltzer,
I'm looking for advice about how to proceed with my idea and whether it is feasible.  

My idea is for a website that would link people in different geographic areas to help each other perform odd errands in their own area.  It would be something like "Task Rabbit", but this will be more of a specialty service.  

The site does not necessarily have to be money-making, but it does need to be self-sustaining. So I would need advice on feasibility, how to set it up technically and financially and any legal considerations.  

Can I ask you any more specific questions, or are there any inexpensive or free sources of advice at this level online that you could direct me to?  

Thank you very much.

Check my book Web Business Bootcamp, which is available for free online at www.samizdat.com/bootcamp.html  It's a bit old, and some of the web sites mentioned have gone away.  But the basic principles still apply.

Good luck with your project.

Richard Seltzer, seltzer@samizdat.com

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