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Hi  Do you know of a home base business website that pays $70 a day for working online because i need $70 to invest in a business. I am on welfare and i need the $70 urgently.

No. Any ad you see for "make money at home stuffing envelopes" etc requires you to send them money first and they write back "run an ad like we did and help people make money by stuffing envelopes -- they pay you to learn that".

Total scam.  There is no business I know of, legitimate or otherwise, that will pay you $70 per day for an investment one time of $70.  That sounds totally fraudulent.


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Lee Horner


California & Arizona attorney,previously a Director of Rexall Showcase International, an international e-commerce home based business focusing on natural health remedies and sports nutritionals. I analyze all sorts of home based busineses for clients as well as franchise operations, joint ventures, etc. I can tell you what to look for in a good opportunity and what to stay away from. I don't do homework questions and I'm not looking for a business opportunity. If I can help you assess one or more of them, let me know.


Presently a financial planner specializing in fixed, indexed insurance products (Life and Annuities) and impaired risk cases. Formerly a distributor with Amway for many years and a director of Rexall Showcase International. Do what I did and check the fruit on the tree for yourself.

Business management degree from the University of New Mexico; Doctorate of Law (JD) degree from Lincoln Law School, Sacramento, CA. Admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit, Arizona and California.

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