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I have a lot of ideas for e commerce websites. However, I am not a tech person. I have spoken with web developers who would charge me for creating and for hosting. However, I don't know if that's sufficient to handle all the other issues.
I am an entrepreneur but I've never gotten into e commerce. I would like to know, in terms of personnel, resources, etc., what would I really need to have a successful e commerce business? Is a web developer/host enough?
Obviously, there are issues like customer service, security, servers, etc.
I don't want to spend thousands of dollars to find out that it isn't feasible, econonmically or otherwise, for me to run this business.


The key to starting a successful business (any business) is to start small. The best approach I can offer you in starting an maintaining an e-commerce business is to use a vendor that offers a complete solution. The one that I have had the most experience with and can highly recommend is VP-ASP ( The offer the software, integrated hosting and support. They'll set everything up for you and help you maintain it.

As you grow, they can grow with you. If you get really big, then you can start looking at in-house staff to build and support your own home-grown solution. I have clients that are running $million plus stores with them. Their solution is powerful, versatile and robust.

The only other help you might need is to have a good designer come up with your logo and branding scheme (colors, typeface, etc.) Make sure you have a good process developed before you start, like how products are organized, online ads, shipping, customer service.

I hope this suggestion helps and I wish you great success!

-- Steve

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