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Hi there,
My name is Liza. Please sort one of the query of mine. I will be grateful to you for that. I am planning to start an online store. I have done a good deal of research on online selling.
I have good knowledge of online marketing, but still l don't have confidence to start it. My doubt is that suppose I want to sell some product like "kitchen appliances " then for doing that I have to compete with other websites and I have to be on the first page of the search engine or at most second page because when people buy some product online they use searh engine like google, type the name on that and start with the first website of the results page. First page is normally occupied by big websites like amazon, flipkart,Snape deal etc. Then how it will be possible for someone like me A very small scale seller to sell goods. What if I share links in my blogs, do Facebook and twitter marketing. Will that be sufficient to get customers, because after all, all this is done to be on the first page of search engine or am i missing something.
Also, please tell will it be possible for me (a small scale online seller) to sell goods in India or selling on small scale online is possible in some very developed countries like U.S.A. only.
I know my mail is bit long but please advice.

This does not sound like a very good idea.
It sounds like you want to sell anything and everything to everyone.
If you had a very narrow interest -- an area where you have special knowledge or unique products or services -- then you might stand a chance.

For general information on starting an Internet-based business, see my book Web Business Bootcamp, which is online for free at

Find your passion and follow it and build an online community and a  business around it.  Leave selling anything and everything to everyone to Amazon.

Best wishes.

Richard Seltzer  

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