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Hi there,
My name is Liza. Please sort one of the query of mine. I will be grateful to you for that. I am planning to start an online store. I have done a good deal of research on online selling.
I have good knowledge of online marketing, but still l don't have confidence to start it. My doubt is that suppose I want to sell some product like "kitchen appliances " then for doing that I have to compete with other websites and I have to be on the first page of the search engine or at most second page because when people buy some product online they use searh engine like google, type the name on that and start with the first website of the results page. First page is normally occupied by big websites like amazon, flipkart,Snape deal etc. Then how it will be possible for someone like me A very small scale seller to sell goods. What if I share links in my blogs, do Facebook and twitter marketing. Will that be sufficient to get customers, because after all, all this is done to be on the first page of search engine or am i missing something.
Also, please tell will it be possible for me (a small scale online seller) to sell goods in India or selling on small scale online is possible in some very developed countries like U.S.A. only.
I know my mail is bit long but please advice.


First let me say it is some years since I have tried to do what you would like to succeed at now. It was easier then! But I do keep an open eye on these matters so I have a few thoughts; though you will need to ask some others or look up some more detailed advice.

If you are specializing and really narrowly target what you offer people....for example if you are selling "iron frying pans" then you can have a really good website or part of your website which has detailed and good quality information about the benefits of iron pans, which ones are good and why and this information is what you can share on cooking websites, facebook, twitter, Pinterest and/or wherever ever else you want to concentrate on spreading the word about the site and your HELPFUL KNOWLEDGE about what you are selling, this becomes of Great Value to shoppers and to a n extent Google responds in its search results accordingly.   

Think like the high street. Although many people shop in big department stores, there is always that specialist shop, where perhaps they have some things less often available in big stores, where they can answer any questions about the (far fewer) products they sell, where they display only the items you are looking for and you can see and tough them (better photos and descriptions on a website are close equivalents to this.  If you think about what makes an exceptional "destination" for frying pans on the high street, convert that to website presentation.

You do need to be offering something special,in a special way, done very well,then you can do well. You have to think like a customer....what would you do if this website existed, how would you find it/look for it/ and what would make you so delighted and impressed with it that you would always want to shop there?  If you do not it is, in my opinion, unlikely that anyone would shop on a small off-the-main page website.

There is one more thing to consider. Sometimes it is still possible as a smaller - and specialized, business to be able to buy from companies who have a  very special, niche brand image - who do not want o sell of large multi-product websites; if they see you have real knowledge and the ability to treat customers really well, are genuinely knowledgeable and helpful (and this is conveyed and communicated and offered on the website) they may be happy to deal with you.

All I can say for now.

Hope this helps

With you success in this and any other projects you launch
Roger Ellman

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