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Hi Thomas,

I setup a website to sell roses (roswellroses.com).  I would like to set up a secure way for customers to order roses and input their credit card and delivery address information.  Then process their credit card payment.  I have just one product and no need to interface with a shipper.  My website is in Wordpress and I am looking for your thoughts on the simplest solution available.  

To save on redundancy, from my research the steps listed below are one way to proceed.  I am hoping you can suggest a simpler way.
1.Install WP eCommerce as my shopping cart and set up my products
2.Get an SSL certificate
3.Purchase an E4 extension to allow my shopping cart to connect with my payment processor
4.Work with First Data as my Payment Processor and set up my website to meet their standards

Thank you.


Hi David,

You have succinctly produced the necessary steps in order to turn a website into an e-commerce platform. I believe E4 has been rebranded to Payeezy but you got the steps correct.

As far as getting an SSL certificate, it is recommended but not entirely necessary. The benefits are that you become more trustworthy as a vendor but if your shopping cart communicates directly to Payeezy, even if your site is breached a hacker would not likely be able to acquire your credit card data because you're not storing anything. That may save you time and money if you're looking to cut some corners.

As far as working with First Data goes, make sure that you are on a correct card-not-present pricing plan. If you are any type of pricing plan that is not interchange pass through and you are not classified correctly, you're going to see a ton of unnecessary fees.

I try not to directly solicit for clients when asked questions about e-commerce but I represent FD as well so I can provide you much more direct support if you are interested in opening an e-commerce account with me. I would be able to offer you a much more comprehensive analysis and feedback as your vendor.

Either way, I will be available to help you with follow up questions about your pricing, PCI compliance, and integration concerns as they come up. In short, you are definitely on the right track.

Good luck!

-Tom W.

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