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Hi Michael,
The ebay email address that I used for years stopped working about 2 months ago; no problem I figured, I'll just use the "My ebay" messages on the site which worked fine.
Last month I received a message from ebay that my acct settings had been altered or attempted to alter, that if it wasn't me (it wasn't) to change my password which I did. It worked fine for a week, then it just stopped working and I couldn't log in anymore.
Now I can't log in to ebay but I also can't log in to "my ebay" to retrieve a "forgot my password" prompt. So I can't figure out what to do. I did try my old password too, but neither work now. Any ideas?
Thanks for any help or hints you might give me!

Hi Blue!

I have a bad feeling someone took your password! You should immediately contact the security center at eBay and explain the situation - they should be able to help you - you may need to verify your identity

what about your eBay username  ?  can you see if anyone is selling under it now

good luck

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