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ER/ER - Body and Soul - Intro/Exit Song


Emma wrote at 2008-09-30 13:10:40
Hey Maya. I was wondering if you ever found the name of that song. I'm watching that particular episode right now and was also interested in finding out what the song was.

Thomas wrote at 2013-04-24 04:39:46

Can't find the name of it, but did find it on the internet. Was posted by youtube user 'traumanegro6' here:

Best thing to do to get it on mp3 is go to a 'youtube to mp3' converter (for example: )and place the url in the box and wait for the download. I'd buy it, but it is not available anywhere.

Hope it helps!

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Ok I know everything about ER the ER cast and the characters(especially Doug and Carol), and in the case where I don`t know the answer I will search the all net to try and find the answer. So come on send a question and test. BTW I will usually answer within a day or two. also be aware that music from season 12 and above are harder to find, since they are considered to be fresh new episodes, but send the question any way. i'll do my best. Oh and I love to be rated so if you thought I was any good I will be more then happy if you`ll rate me, it only takes a minute.

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