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dalirumi wrote at 2010-10-19 06:21:03
actually, there was an interview and it implies that the "spirit" that's no longer there isn't alcohol, but the spirit of celebration and raising glasses in toasts to positive things or in gratitude.

Pulled from Snopes.com

In a 2009 interview, Plain Dealer music critic John Soeder asked Don Henley this about the lyrics:

On "Hotel California," you sing: "So I called up the captain / 'Please bring me my wine' / He said, 'We haven't had that spirit here since 1969.'" I realize I'm probably not the first to bring this to your attention, but wine isn't a spirit. Wine is fermented; spirits are distilled. Do you regret that lyric?

Henley responded,

"Thanks for the tutorial and, no, you're not the first to bring this to my attention—and you're not the first to completely misinterpret the lyric and miss the metaphor. Believe me, I've consumed enough alcoholic beverages in my time to know how they are made and what the proper nomenclature is. But that line in the song has little or nothing to do with alcoholic beverages. It's a sociopolitical statement. My only regret would be having to explain it in detail to you, which would defeat the purpose of using literary devices in songwriting and lower the discussion to some silly and irrelevant argument about chemical processes."[13]

JUSTaGUY wrote at 2012-08-13 14:31:22
Well actually I think Don missed his own metaphor if this, indeed is his intended meaning. Generally Champagne is used for celebration and toasts (especially if this song is about the luxurious life-style) not wine. So we can see why many people have missed the metaphor. Wine is generally used to accent your meal or simply to enjoy it, rarely would wine be used in celebration over champagne. This just looks like a songwriter not willing to admit his error, passing it off as people just not intellectual enough to understand him.  

Randy wrote at 2013-11-11 04:03:39
This line is saying that the spirit of America has fallen apart after the end of the 60's, as now people don't do things for the good of themselves and humanity, but instead for a hedonistic lifestyle embodied in a carpe diem ideology which would capture American interest in the 70's. We know this is not a meaningless line about alcohol because spirits and wine are not the same beverage, as spirits and distilled rather than fermented.

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