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I got my first piercing on my earlobe yesterday and I'm wondering if I made a mistake. From what I've heard, newly pierced ears require some sort of starter stud, but I was told that the small gold hoop I had would suffice. So, I used that. Now I'm scared that the piercing won't heal properly or might even get infected. Will I be fine if I leave the small hoop in? Or should I change it out quickly for an actual starter stud?
The piercing is pretty small and hugs my earlobe, so I'm not worried about it snagging on anything.
It's the second day and there's still TINY amounts of blood coming out whenever I clean it or try to move the piercing.
Swelling is also still present.

At two days, you might be doing just fine. People can heal with rings, even if it may not always be the best choice for the anatomy. Don't move the jewelry, since that is like picking a scab.

The correct jewelry shape, size, proportion, material and surface smoothness all are necessary for optimal healing. A post tends to move less than a ring for healing, and may generate less thickened scar tissue. can help with your aftercare process, and about the jewelry standards.  

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