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QUESTION: Dear Deborah,

I am interviewing for a pre-k counts job this Monday and I will bring my portfolio with me from my student teaching seminar class. I was told hat we don't need to include everything we have done for our portfolios and was wondering what we do need to include..

Also, what are some questions I should be prepared to answer?


ANSWER: Lauren, I apologize for not answering this question sooner.  Please let me know if you still need information


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QUESTION: Hi Debbie,

It's ok I fiqured out what to do pertaining my previous question.My question now is on a job application if it asks for co-teacher evaluations from student teaching could I give part of the evaluation for the mid term evaluation but not all of it?

When filling out an application I would think that as long as you are truthful it is up to you just how much and what information you share. Also, you would want to make sure it doesn't look like you are hiding something. That could be worse. When I did interviews I must say I rarely looked for someone with perfectly spotless evaluations. After all, you were a 'student' which implies you were learning.  Trust your own judgement and share what you feel is appropriate.

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