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QUESTION: What is the role of a group supervisor in a child care setting?

ANSWER: This can differ from state to state depending on regulations. Can you send more info on your location?

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QUESTION: Abington, PA

My first suggestion would be for you to familiarize yourself with the PA Dept of Welfare regs for day care centers. which you can access at this address. http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/055/chapter3270/chap3270toc.html

While they are easily interpreted by individual DPW field reps, those concerning staffing are quite straight forward. A group supervisor would be equal to a head teacher and pretty much "in charge" of not only his/her classroom/group but also the asst group supervisors and aids working with him/her.  You should look specifically at 3270.35. Group supervisor qualifications and responsibilities. This outlines the position quite well.  Look at it and get back to me if you need clarification.


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