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Hi. I was wondering what the requirements to become a preschool teacher are in Michigan? Thank you for your time and any help you can give.

Hi Lacy,

You can find the qualifications from the site Michigan.gov., Department of Human Services, Child Care Licensing.  To be a lead teacher in a classroom you will need at least a two year degree.  That will also depend on where you what to work.  Some centers require a 4 year degree in child development.

I suggest you get at least a CDA (Child Development Associate)or a 4 year degree in education with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education or Child Development.  

Good luck

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I will answer questions in the area of Child Development for children ages two to five. This includes social, emotional, cognitive & language development, large motor & fine motor skills, behavioral issues, potty training and parental concerns. I can give ideas for lesson plans and classroom activities. I will also help with daycare/preschool policies. I can also help with licensing requirements for preschools/daycare, however, I am only familiar with the licensing requirements for the state of Michigan.


I have been teaching in preschools for 25 years. My main experience has been with children two to five years of age. The last 16 years I have been the lead teacher for the pre-kindergarten program.


I have a B.S. degree and a teaching certificate in elementary education with a ZA endorsement (child development) from my graduate level classes.

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