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Hi Cindy,

I had a question on the childcare industry and market in the US, UK and Australia. Would you happen to have any insights on how many children are getting enrolled into child care each year in these markets and also which are the most popular learning frameworks that are used in these countries? Do they differ significantly?


Great question.

My area is curriculum and yes, indeed, it differs from program to program. If you came to America seeking an early childhood program, you would find many. Add to that the fact that you would find academically based programs that give homework to toddlers (yuk), Montessori programs, play based program and programs that attempt and claim to offer a balance between the two. YOu would find highly structured program that do not allow for much choice, and programs that do offer the children areas of study or interest. You have  lot of franchise programs opening up and these leaders are not necessarily trained in ECE. They are often absent owners and leave their centers to trained staff. Sometimes this works well, but I have seen it fail miserably, too. On top of all this, these programs are expensive in the U.S.  It now costs around 115.45 on average to send a child aged under two to nursery for 25 hours a week in Britain, a total of 6,003 per year. I am told that in Austrailia, parents get subsidized and pay about $30-$50 per day. That is cheap!

The first part of your question is tricky because numbers can be off due to variables. You have children in home centers that are often now counted as being in pre-primary programs. Numbers vary saying that less than half of the children go to such programs in the U.S.  

Try this site or google it out. Hope I have helped.
Good luck!  
https://www.childcareexchange.com/library/5017558.pdf. Try Creative Curriculum. I am sure they would have up to date stats for you. (TeachingStrategies.com---write to them. They are great!


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I have worked extensively in Early Childhood education leading extensive trainings for early childhood educators including the 120 hour National CDA program for both infant-toddler and preschool professionals. I have served in a variety of leadership roles throughout my career in early childhood, school-age and camp settings. in In my past role as a school-age child care Site Director, I planned, coordinated, and led activities for 40+ children. My responsibilities included the training and supervision of staff members. I also participated in the training, mentoring and supervision of high school students in an educational setting. Presently, I work in a faith based program as Director of Children's Ministries while continuing to work as a teacher in a school-age before and after school program.


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