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Hello Ashraf,

first of all thank you for all your nice words and your clear explanations.
I'm a Jewish young woman, i was a raised as a Jew, more in a "traditional way" than in a "religious way".
I'm in a relationship with a Coptic man, and we talk a lot about our religions and backgrounds. I really appreciate anything he tells me about the Coptic church, his believes, and the way he was raised and i also make a lot of personal research about it. I am definitely willing to convert, share this with him and raise children in the Christian orthodox faith.
I'm aware that it could sounds like i am converting for someone and not of because it's a personal choice, but if i hadn't met him, i would have never known anything about the Coptic church... So even if i really feel it's a personal choice, can it still be taken the wrong way?
I read that you need to get through the conversion process of course and study a lot, then the priest will judge if I'm ready or not to get baptized and also if he really believes that i became a believer. I have a very good a respectful relationship with my parents and family and will always respect their believes even though they are not mine anymore. Does that make me a non-believer if i mean it and say it to the priest?  
Also, my boyfriend's parents have always expected him to marry a "born Coptic woman". Can they refuse this marriage, even if I'm really willing to convert and live a Christian orthodox way of life?

Thank you very much for your help


hi Emmanuelle,

thnx much for ur questions and ur nice words. it is God who works and turns our weaknesses into strength.

in all the nice words u said i did not read the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Christianity is in fact being one with Lord Jesus. u need to love him with all ur heart and he says:  “whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”  John 6:37 come to him with all ur problems and he will solve them for u. it is his promise: “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

mostly u ll be taken the wrong way but if ur father of confession is convinced that u really believe in Lord Christ and truly love him he will accept u in church and introduce u to ur guy's family as a good child of the Lord.

Christianity treats all beliefs with respect. in the book of Acts u ll find that St. Paul did not say a bad word about the idolatry in Athens, on the contrary he was very kind and showed its people the way of the Lord with all respect. it is OK to respect ur family and their beliefs.

ur guy's family will definitely like to have a "born Coptic woman" as their future in law. they will not accept the marriage easily. it takes time and patience. Lord Jesus says: "In your patience you shall win your souls." Luke 21:19 Amen. pray hard and the Lord will give u peace and happiness.

God be with u.

ur questions and follow ups are always welcome.

in Christ,


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