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QUESTION: how many times does a person be judged after death? what are the terms ...paradise,gena(sheol),heaven, and hell ? please explain me I am confused.

ANSWER: hi Alex,

thnx much for ur question.

At the Second Coming Christ will appear in the heavens, seated on a cloud and surrounded by the angelic hosts (Matthew 16:27; 24:30; 25:31). The angels will minister to the Judge by bringing all before Him (Matthew 24:31). The elect will aid Christ in a judicial capacity (1 Corinthians 6:2.

Those who accepted Christ as their Saviour,chose to hide in his blood and lived a true Christian life of faith and good works will see no condemnation, but Christ will wipe every tear from their eyes by his own hands, and will look at them saying "Come you blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you before the foundation of the earth" and as He is taking them and leaving the rest.

Those who are Left Behind will be weeping exceedingly and gnashing their teeth from the extreme sadness to have missed the opportunity. The Devil will also be condemned and God will be the Only King over all Creatures.

Believers long for judgement day, when we will hear the voices of the angels, the martyrs, the saints and the heavenly hosts chant: Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom, thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen. (Rev 7:12)

paradise is where the souls of saints await judgement day. gena is the paradise of Islam, which is filled with bodily joys and is totally unchristian. sheol is hades, where the souls of sinners await judgement day. heaven is where believers will spend their after life with the Lord in happiness and joy forever after judgement day. hell is where sinners will spend their after life away from the Lord feeling everlasting sadness and living in eternal torment after judgement day.

ur questions and follow ups are always welcome.

in Christ,


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QUESTION: thank you Ashraf, it is clear. But my question again is "is the soul be judged immediately, after its separation from the body, for its eternal life?" what is the state of paradise and hades? is there suffering(in hades) or joy(in paradise)? I think those in paradise will be transferred to Heaven and those in hades to Hell. If this is right, is there a  need to pray for the departed. this is because I want a full understanding of my orthodox faith. God bless you.

hi Alex,

thnx for the follow up.

after death u either go to hell or to paradise. Paradise is for Saints. hell is a place where guilty souls await torment.

Hippolytus of Rome pictures Hades as a place where the righteous dead, awaiting in the bosom of Abraham their resurrection, rejoice at their future prospect, while the unrighteous are tormented at the sight of the "lake of unquenchable fire" into which they are destined to be cast.

Lord Jesus said that people in heaven will live like angels. that was his answer when asked about the woman who married seven brothers. heaven is a place where people will have spiritual joys. they will get to know more about God. the more they know about God the more happiness and joy they get. Lord Jesus talked about this at John 17. Hell is where people suffer as a result of their sins that they did not stop and repent from. their bodies will suffer as will as their spirits. they will have different bodies than the ones they have now. their new bodies will suffer too because when they where on earth they committed sins with body and soul.

If someone lives a true Christian life, repents and confesses regularly and is not intending to hide something from the priest, then God will forgive them if even they could not see a father of confession before they die. This is why the Church gives the dead an absolution in funerals and prays for the dead in the Holy Mass.

offerings in the name of the dead are good for the rest of their souls as St. Jerome says. on the other hand, giving does not save someone who was rejected by God. God's mercy is stronger than all our offerings. if a person who passed away is not saved by God's mercy they will not be saved by offerings in their name.

ur questions and follow ups are always welcome.

in Christ,

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