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QUESTION: I am a Greek Orthodox Christian and a British citizen who will be marrying a Coptic Orthodox Christian who is also a British citizen. We are getting married in Egypt but have been told we need to do blood tests before the church will marry us. I understand that this is to see if we carry any diseases and able to have children but will the Copts accept my tests if they are from England?

Also, what documents do we need for the church to marry us? We are getting engaged in an arabic Coptic church in London who will issue us a certificate. Will we need anything else to be able to get married in Egypt? Will it help us if we have a civil wedding in London first?

Lastly, is the Coptic wedding legal and recognised in the uk?

ANSWER: hi Chris,

Best wishes for a happy family life.

the blood tests can be done in Egypt on the same day. do them in Egypt to save time and to make sure they r acceptable.

to be married both of u need proof that u r Christian i.e. baptism certificate, u also need proof that u r not married now and that the Church does not see any reason for u not to marry. if u got engaged in a Coptic church in London then u will also need to furnish ur engagement certificate attested by the Egyptian embassy in London and the British ministry of foreign affairs.

in Egypt the priest will perform the civil marriage as well, which is better and easier.

the Coptic wedding is legal and recognized in the UK.

it is best to be in close contact with a priest who will know the procedures and will be the father of confession of u and ur future wife. this will help u both live as true disciples to the Lord through the blessings and guidance of the priest.

in Christ,


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QUESTION: Hi Ashraf, thank you fit your reply.
Would an engagement paper from the Coptic Orthodox Church in London be acceptable as proof we're ok to be married of I get it translated and stamped by the embassy?

I also have a baptism certificate from my Greek Orthodox Church and a confirmation that I am not married, however it is in Greek. Would I also need to get this validated by the Egyptian embassy?

We have been told by the Egyptian priest in London that if we were to have a civil wedding here it would make it much easier to be married in the Egyptian church, is this true?

Lastly, another problem we have is that I have never met a priest in Egypt so have not confessed. Also in the Greek Orthodox Church this is not generally practised. What happens if I don't know a priest in Egypt?

hi again Chris,

+ the Priest will help u with the formalities regarding the engagemenet paper. he lives where u r and will be very willing to help.

+ the papers in Greek need to be translated and validated from the Egyptian embassy.

+ the priest knows better about the civil marriage in London too.

+ u can confess to a Greek or Coptic priest. the best way is to confess to the priest that will be closest to ur future home. for now u can confess to any priest. u will also need to receive Holy Communion before marriage. this requires confession first. confession also will give ur marriage a blessed start through repentance.
congratulations in advance :)

in Christ,


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