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QUESTION: My name is trudy,my partner is serbian orthodox & we have a son and would like to have him christened. I have a couple of questions
1: do i have to be christened in order to have our son done?
2: can family members christen our son? We want to ask my partners neice & her husband,she is serbian orthodox,he is not. How would that work? Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: hi Trudy,

Thnx for ur question.

1- u do not have to be christened so that your son can be christened

2- u and ur partner can go to church and get ur boy christened. u do not need others to take him to church for christening. since u r a good family that cares for the eternal life of ur children and want ur son to grow as a good Christian, it would be a good idea to get married.

ur questions and follow ups r always welcome.

in Christ,


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QUESTION: Thank u in my second question i meant can family members be god parents.

hi again
a God parent must be a member in good standing of the Orthodox church knowing the main tenets of the Christian faith and its ethics, as well as the meaning of the sacrament of baptism and the vows given in the name of the baptized which are to be conveyed and explained to the latter when he or she has reached maturity. Thus, the sponsor at baptism cannot be:

+a minor
+someone ignorant of the faith
+someone guilty of overt sins
+a non-orthodox Christian.

in Christ,


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