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I read about Russia's recent anti-gay bill. When some homosexuals protested it the article when on to say that hundreds of Orthodox Christian activists attacked them. Truly homosexuality is a gross sin, but should Orthodox Christians behave in such a way towards them?

We see this in many places, not just in Russia. There is a natural tendency in fallen human nature to lash out in violence against danger. It is a defense mechanism that we must guard against, and sometimes we don't do such a great job of it. Committing violence against those not trying to kill you is not a Christian act. However, these people rightly see that homosexuality is an act of spiritual violence to the very fabric of society and they are naturally acting against it. Unfortunately instead of acting in prayer, fasting, and love, they choose physical violence which is "easier" and has much quicker results. They fail to see the greater harm it causes however, to their own spiritual states as well as the physical damage to each other, how it defaces the image of Christ in ALL of us.

In short, no, it is not an appropriate way for Orthodox Christians to face this danger, but it is an insidious danger that must be opposed!

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