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Eastern Orthodox/How do I live as a disabled person?


Dear Herman...I am disabled. I don't know how visible it is but I was born disabled. I turned out ok sort of but I still feel a lot of pain often. Also I developed hallucinations and things like that recently. How do I live life as a disabled person? No one wants me, no one needs...I have so little opprotunity in life. Will you help me?

Dear-in-Christ Ana,

We must lean on Jesus Christ, who loves us more than we know. We must call out to Him like King David the Psalmist: "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?" because we all feel that way at some time or another.

God gives strength to those whom He has allowed to bear the heavier crosses, if we let Him do so. Without God, none of us can do anything. With God, all things are possible if we come to Him in prayer with faith. We take Heaven with constant effort, like the widow who kept pleading with the unjust judge. God honors persistance.

You must pray. You must partake of the sacraments and comfort provided by the Bride of Christ, the spiritual hospital that is the Church. You must reach outside yourself, look for opportunites to help others even as you would want them to help you. When we reach out to others, then others reach out to us.

Do you have a priest? I strongly recommend that you talk to him. Be involved with a parish if you can. We heal each other.

I will add my meagre prayers to Christ on your behalf.

Your servant,

Eastern Orthodox

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