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Do you believe it is true that Plato and Aristotle were taken into heaven when Jesus removed the saints of the Old Testament from Hades?  I know that these Greeks were not Jews; however, they seem to have had some revelation from the true God. Due to that fact, did God judge them according to the revelation that they received?  Did not the Apostle Peter say that Jesus' soul preached to those that were dead and were in Limbus Patrum?

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Aristotle, Plato and Socrates were able to come as close as any human can to the Truth without Divine Revelation. They gave the Church Fathers sophisticated rational tools to help explain the more esoteric aspects of Trinitarian theology. While it is true that the Orthodox Church has a very profound respect for the Greek philosophers, I do not believe it is a teaching of the Church that they are specifically in Heaven. The philosophers gave us tools, but it was the Fathers who used those tools to build our understanding of God.

Our Lord did indeed preach to the souls in hades just prior to His Resurrection, but the concept of "Limbus Patrum" is more of a Roman concept than Orthodox.

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