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I recently had a Paranormal Research Team come out to our home, and it was found to be active. I'm a Ordained Minister but I am aware that all hauntings are not Demonic in origin. I believe that death itself can hold the spirits of deceased here, why, I'm not sure of that. The group got several words from the voice box, one being "cleansing". How can I help these spirits pass on to the other side?

Dear William,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, AMEN! The Orthodox Church traces the lineage of its teachings in a continuous line directly to the Apostles. For two millenia we have safeguarded the treasure of the Apostolic Witness against false prophets and "those who would teach another gospel" as warned against by the Holy Apostle Paul. There is no teaching within the Tradition of Orthodoxy that the deceased can be "held" on Earth. There are teachings that the spirit may wander and visit places where the deceased lived, but this only lasts 40 days, at which time the spirit is received to a place to await the Final Judgement. There is no place in Orthodoxy for "wandering spirits" or "hauntings". The Orthodox Church does have prescribed prayers of exorcism against demons, but none for "spirits" other than the prayer at the funeral for the separation of the spirit from the body, which only an Orthodox bishop or priest may say.

If there is anything to this claim, I believe the Orthodox Church would call this merely a demonic deception at most. The demons and their master the "prince of lies" can be very clever and convincing. You would be best served by contacting an Orthodox priest to bless the house and say the prayers of exorcism. This will cast out any demons that may have taken up residence. Beyond that I would recommend you expand your ministerial studies to look closely at the actual teachings of the Early Church, revealed by Christ our Lord, proclaimed by His Apostles, proclaimed by the Martyrs, espoused by the Fathers, safeguarded by the bishops, and given AMEN by the people of God which is His bride, the Orthodox Church.

May our Lord, God, and Savior, Christ Jesus, who commanded the demons to leave and they left, who broke the gates of hell and destroyed death, be with you and grant you His protection and His Peace which surpasses our understanding.

Your servant,

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