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Dear Herman,

Just have a question in regards to how Orthodox view the miracles in the bible. Is it taken more metaphorically or do we actually take them as fact?

If so how do we explain the miracles as fact?

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The Orthodox Church accepts that the God who created the universe, the God who set the laws of physics in place, can choose to ignore or act outside those laws if He wants to. If Jesus can cure blindness and lameness, raise the dead, and rise from the dead, who am I to try and say what God can or cannot do? I can't explain how my good friend and workmate was cured of a severe gastric infection that required a colostomy bag when he came in contact with oil that was mysteriously exuding from an icon, but I accept it as a fact. I can't explain it scientifically, I don't need to explain it. It is a mystery and I'm fine with that.

Jesus rose from the dead. In the Divine Liturgy, bread and wine become His Body and Blood. Miracles happen whether or not we can explain them. And that's a fact!

And my son also spells his name "Nik"!

Your servant,

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