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Hi Herman,

Just wanted to ask what the Orthodox Church's stance is towards pre marital sex?
I mean it in terms of you having a long term partner (5 plus years) and only have sex with her prior to marrying each other?
Not in the general sense of having sex with whoever you like.



Glory to Jesus Christ!

The Orthodox Church teaches that sex outside of a blessed marriage is wrong. People who have a sexual relationship outside of marriage are generally excluded from partaking of Holy Communion until they repent of their sin. Holy Matrimony, as the Apostle Paul teaches, is an icon of our relationship as a Church with Christ.  Orthodox Christians should not be making decisions without God's blessing. Having a "long-term relationship" without God's blessing is not recommended or encouraged by the Church. You are expected to make a commitment to Christ and His Church, and you are expected to make a commitment to your "partner". If you are in a long-term relationship, then that relationship needs to be blessed so that you both can work out your salvation together as one.

Society has glorified sex, TV and movies and magazines make it seem like the only reason we are alive is to have sex. But the Church does indeed teach a better way, that Christ should be the center of our lives, not sex. Instead of seeking what is temporary and self-gratifying, we seek that which is eternal and fills us with love for the whole world. But God is often a small, quiet voice in a very big and loud world. We do well to listen to that quiet voice.

May our Lord, God, and Savior, Christ Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, give you wisdom and courage to do the right thing, that you both may come to know the Father in Spirit and in Truth.

Your servant,

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