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Eastern Orthodox/The Restrainer in 2 Thes. 2:7


in answering a question regarding the restrainer mentioned in 2 Thes. 2:7 (on 6/24/2010) you wrote "There is evidence from the writings of Theophilus the bishop of Antioch, Ignatius of Antioch, and Justin Martyr that  throughout the second century many Christian teachers believed it was the presence of the Church in the world that restrained Satanís full power, that the judgment was delayed, and that humanity was preserved. Thus, it might be said that the Holy Spirit working through the church is, in fact, the thing that restrains Satan from fully manifesting evil through the Antichrist. When the restraining presence of the church is removed, God will begin pouring out His judgment in the last days."

When asked, you latter provided direct quotes from Theophilus, Ignatius, and Justin that seem to support this view--but neither they or you said anything about how the Church would be removed from the earth before the second coming. Many Protestants have long believed in what they call the "pre-trib rapture," but I never thought of this as "Orthodox"?

Are you suggesting something like this?

How does your view differ from the Protestant view?

Christ is Risen!

Please do note that in my response I said "it might be said ..." I did not mean that the Church would be removed, in fact, that would be in direct contradiction to what Christ Himself said. You are right to say that such a thing is not an Orthodox teaching. Perhaps I should have said "If" rather than "When".

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