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How is the Orthodox view of salvation different from the Evangelical Protestant view? Are there some agreements?

Orthodoxy says: "I am saved, I am being saved, I will be saved". This means that I am saved by the actual act of salvation that was accomplished by Christ through His crucifixion and resurrection. I am being saved because I am walking on the Path of Salvation by becoming like Christ. I will be saved because His Gift will never be taken away, although I am still free to refuse it at any time. I can leave the path at any time I choose.

We do agree with the Evangelicals that our works don't accomplish or earn our salvation, it is still a gift through God's grace alone, and it is His Grace that gives us strength to stay on that path. However, we realize that God does nothing without our cooperation. He does not save us against our will. And it must be recognized that the very act of "choosing" Christ as our savior is an action—a "work". The Calvinists recognized this and decided that predestination was necessary to avoid any pretense of "work", that there was no choice to begin with.

And while we can agree that we are saved by faith alone, we acknowledge that faith without works is dead, and that these works such as worship, prayer, fasting, and charity, act to help purify our senses, to heal us from the sickness of sin, to help become more like Christ. Again, it does not earn salvation anymore than therapy earns us wellness, but that doesn't mean it isn't necessary.

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