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IE wrote at 2008-06-18 16:48:41
There is no such thing as divorce in the Catholic faith.  A marriage may be "declared null and void" if after investigating that the marriage was invalid from the beginning (because of deceipt or fraud, etc.).  The Catholic church does NOT grant divorces.  Good luck.

danny wrote at 2013-02-14 15:30:59


I am Catholic, my husband Coptic Orthodox.  We were married in the Catholic Church.  We are now civally divorced.  My ex-husband has since remarried in the Coptic Church, yet we have not filed for an annulment with the Catholic Church.  How is this possible for him to remarry in the Coptic Church and is it a true valid sacramental marriage in the Coptic Church? Also, he committed adultery during our marriage.  In the Catholic Church there is no such thing as divorce...only annulment.  And, it must be proven that the marriage was never really valid from the beginning. So, is my ex husband in grave sin and committing adultery in this new marriage?


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hello Mrs. E

thnx for ur question and u r welcome to send any questions or follow ups anytime u want.

the new marriage of ur ex husband is valid. the Coptic Church does not recognize the sacraments of Catholic Church. therefore ur marriage was not sacramentally recognized. the Church laws state that he must repent and be punished by the Church before being accepted again. the fact that he committed adultery during ur marriage can be of value in the eyes of Catholic Church alone. to Coptic Orthodox Church it is something that has no relation to the marriage as the marriage itself is not recognized.

the Catholic Church "theoretically" recognizes sacraments of other Apostolic Churches. this is based on the fact that they accept the succession of Coptic Orthodox Fathers even though they disagree with some teachings. but "practically" Catholic Church does not recognize the validity of succession in Coptic Orthodox Church. to substantiate my point u ll see that in the 18th century Catholic Church started a succession of her own in egypt. the head of Coptic Catholic Church is a Patriarch. the first Patriarch's name is "Cyril II" and he was appointed at the end of 19th century. which means that Rome only recognized the succession of St."Cyril I" (378 - 444)and then didn recognize other Cpotic Orthodox Patriarchs who followed him and had the same name "Cyril."

in short, in the eyes of Coptic Orthodox Church he has the right to marry a Copt after repentance.

God bless u and i wish u the best in ur life.

ur brother and servant in Jesus Christ,


I wonder how is this different? Both were married in Catholic church, right? And in the first case its not a problem to remary in Coptic church but in second it is. How is this possible :)

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