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I am trying to find any connection between rocks and ecology in general. Can you please help? Thanks.

Hi Irma
 Consider what happens over longer periods of time. There is a rock cycle as well as cycling of the elements necessary for organisms to survive. When an organism dies the organic material is degraded possibly winding up in sediment, formed into rock and eventually the rock breaks down and the elements are returned to a life form.
 We can also look at rocks from another view. An important concept in Ecological Succession, the change from bare rock or water to a sustaining ecosystem called a climax community. I like in a part of Ohio where the climax Community is a Beech-Maple Forest. If an area was denuded of all life forms leaving bare rock succession would begin with lichens breaking down the rock and forming soil. Eventually higher plants would take over and unless environmental conditions changed a beech-maple forest would come about.
 So although we consider minerals to be non-living they are a part of the system


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