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QUESTION: Hello! How does animal populations help humans?

ANSWER: I am not sure what you are asking here Annie. Are you thinking bout animals we use for food

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QUESTION: I was more thinking more about if animals start to die significantly, would it effect the human population more or less?

Hi Again Annie
 I adhere to something that a wise Native American named Chief Joseph once said. "The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth. What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves"
There is an unofficial Law of Ecology that I preach to my students. Everything is connected to everything else. Whenever a large group of animals die or become extinct it affects us. We are all connected in some way. The affects may be subtle or obvious but we are affected.
The American Bison roamed the plains in the millions but their destruction changed the future of Native Americans. If a single species becomes extinct the food web is altered and other species have a population change. If the change is related to out energy source we are certainly affected. The net effects depends upon the species. There is a disease killing bats. That means more mosquitos
I all the chickens die KFC is in trouble


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