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Ecology/What are some abiotic and biotic features. And a food web


Hi, My name is alysa and i want to ask you a couple of questions. First of all, What are some abiotic and biotic lakes and ponds features. And Secondly,What could lakes and ponds food web could be. (at lease 10 organsims)

         Thank you,

Hi there Alysa
I have been looking over your question. I am not sure you understand abiotic and biotic  factors. The abiotic factors include he Non-living factors like temperature, light, wind,pH,geology and so on. All living organisms make up the rest.
If I listed ten organisms in a food web it would not help you because you would not know the relationship between them so I am going to refer you to a web site. Google Pond food webs and you will find diagrams.
Let me know if you need to know more


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