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Hi Walter. I am doing a bit of research on ecology and I was wondering what is your opinion on over hunting/fishing and what are some efforts  we can make to keep this problem from growing?

Hi Zach
I believe that absolutely nothing in this world is more important in protecting the environment We are dependent upon all living creatures and without them we will not survive. They provide us with our food and our air to breath.  There should be no such thing as "over" hunting and fishing.  Laws to protect wildlife from it are in force and violators should be prosecuted. Trophy hunting must be stopped and those who do so should be imprisoned. Shooting large animals just for the thrill of killing is immoral.
   Actually I personally disapprove of all "sport" hunting and I have friends and relatives who do so. They justify it by saying that it is important to keep healthy animal populations.  There is no scientific evidence for this. They also claim that it is ok because they eat what they kill.  Meat from domestic animals can be purchased at the store.
 Here we are talking about attitude. Until attitudes change  we  must depend upon laws.
 For a final note I am really afraid that the problem will not stop growing


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