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Do you think that the Chicago teachers union should get their demands that they forwarded for resolution of the strike?

What do you think are the implications and the good or bad ramifications?

Thank you

Thank you for your query. The answer will reflect an opinion. I do not know if will be the same you have, but, here it is:
I believe that teachers all over the world should not be tenured. I believe that they should strive for excellence and compete for their post.  I think that if you give tenure to a teacher, she/he will not have the same drive to improve, to learn and to teach, than someone who is fighting for that position on a daily basis. I believe that the teachers have benefits that are to expensive the way they are now. example, the union demands that a teacher should have this or that health insurance plan, in my opinion, the union should limit itself to say: teachers are entitled to these benefits, you --as a school-- can go shopping around for the plans and companies you think fit your budget. Same with the pensions.
Nowadays, many people think that they are entitled to have this or that benefit. Unions make it impossible for American labor to be competitive. Their time is over. We have enough legislation in place and enforced that protects the workers.  I do not believe unions have a role in today's economy, rather, they are dinosaurs fighting to remain alive.  
In my opinion, the teachers' demands, should be analized, I am sure some are really bonafide. But all in all, I would not give in to any demands. I would fire them and rehire new teachers with new contracts and not subject to the unions.
IN my opinion, ramifications: well, are bad. If you give in to such demands,other unionized workers will follow and their employers will have to give in to their demands. and so on and so forth. the end result will be a unionised labor force with no incentive to do a good  job and very expensive, thus not competitive internationally.
We may disagree, if so, I do respect your opinion and agree to disagree.


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