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Hello! i really need help on this question for school. Thank you! If you could respond tonight it would be amazing and really help me.

To increase workers' income, a city's government set a wage below which it is illegal for employers to pay employees. This wage is known as:
a.minimum wage
b.efficiency wage
c. government wage
d. union wage
e. city wage

Am sorry. Just saw your question.  I am not sure about the answer Looks like this question ties up with something else which is either on your class notes or on part of the question that is missing.
the way the question is worded, does not make sense to me. the first part shows the goal: to increase workers' income, the second part the means: a wage below [a certain level] and either the wage or the level is illegal to for employers to pay.  Sorry again. I do not do homework questions but would surely like to help you if you check the question.

and by the way, because your question was totally unclear, it is not fair to penalize an expert with a 5 on knowledge. Show lack of respect for our time spent on your questions, which only reflect your lack of education.


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