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Dear Mr Taillard,

TV Slovenia, Slovenian national broadcaster would kindly ask for a short interview/comment on your view of the consequences of austerity measures impose in some European countries. I have seen some very interesting comments from you and have been following your thoughts for a while and would therefor be more than honoured if you'd be willing to talk to us briefly. I am aware that he has a busy schedule and that TV Slovenia is like Slovenia, a small and not very significant country in Europe, but we would really appreciate any sort of comment you'd be willing to make in the time of serious economic crisis in Slovenia.
If possible we would ask about where do you see dangers of a possible new global recession, where are the dangers of austerity measures imposed widely in the most troubled countries in Europe, does he see any alternatives to that......
Please let me know if this would be at all possible,
It wouldn't take more than 10 minutes of your time. Since we are a Tv station a phone or skype converstion would be ideal option.
We would be very grateful for any comment from you,
please let us know,
really appreciate it,
Best regards from Ljubljana,
Polona Fijavz

Polona Fijav×

Foreign News Department

TV Slovenia

Kolodvorska 2-4

1000 Ljubljana

Tel. +386 (0)1 4753075

Fax. +386 (0)1 4753063
Mobile. +386 (0)41 320717


Thank you for contacting me!  I would be happy to interview for you.  Is there a day and time next week that is optimal for you?  Perhaps we can make arrangements by some other means that AllExperts.  Please contact me at  Thank you.


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