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QUESTION: hi, hope you doing well. MY name is Ayesha Sultan, I am doing M.Phil in management scince. I have completed my course work and i now in few days i will start working on the final thesis. As my electives are in marketing, so i I am required to do the thesis in the same feild, but i really want to work on a topic which involves the tools of economics too. Like we say that the marketer identifies the need and introduces a product, later on it becomes the need of consumer and changes the consumer lifestyle and it effects the whole economy. This is just an idea, how can i convert this in an statement? and  what variables i can use to justify the study?
Your help will be extremely appreciated.

ANSWER: Thank you for your query. Do you have a thesis adviser yet? If not, have you thought of going to one of your professors? You may have to narrow down a bit to get to a model and I think you may want to be more detailed or specific as for what type of product you have in mind, who would be your demand, local market only?, etc.   You do not want to end up with something so broad that will be difficult to quantify, if not impossible.

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QUESTION: thanks for response. yes there will an advisor to provide guidance, i just wanted to have some ideas before my first meeting with them. You right i m thinking quite broad need to narrow it down. I ll work on it ..

Yes, try to narrow down the topic as much as you can and to remain focus. also, you may try to profile your adviser in terms of how much help she will be providing you. you really don't want to be half way into your thesis and realize you are not on the right track.  Keep me posted.


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