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Ref: request for Information related to production forecasting.

Dear Dr. Taillard,

May I ask what are the factors affecting the production of the following products
a) cement
b) steel
c) ethylene
d) pulp & paper products

I understand that in the case of cement, the main driver is GDP per capita. Using time series data, I could forecast national cement production using regression analysis. However, my R square value using this methodology for crude steel projection is very low unfortunately.

My second question is how can I obtain details related to steel/cement producer's price for any country?

Any assistance is much appreciated.

Thanks & regards,


Well, for global commodities pricing, you can go to each nation's commodities market.  In the US, for example, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ( has that information under the "Products and Trading" drop-down menu, then choose the asset class you're interested in.  I know it's tacky to refer to Wikipedia, but they have the most concise list of commodities exchanges from around the world (

As for the exact variables that have statistical significance on the production volume of those particular commodities, I'm afraid that it's a very specific question that's a bit outside my specialization.  My research focus has been related to global investing and trade behaviors, not commodities production.


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