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In present scenario in India, controversy is running only for money, which is caused by liquid petroleum.  But our NDA Govt.  supported this project which will given by U.S. but what about UPA Govt.? Why they do not support to this project? I know this answer but I couldn’t understand why only India chosen by U.S., why not another country? Is behind this U.S. has any plan against to India?


India is a pivotal country to control India and the Far East as a package. This was realised and utilised by the British rulers in India as far back as 1800s. The East India company established in India with Calcutta as its Head quarters. (Culcutta is in the apex of Bay of Bengal with India in the west coast and all other far east nations in the east coast !). They ruled India and still extend their power by realising the following facts.

01) India has the cream of manpower, far exceeding the professional capability of any other nations in far east.

02) India has the largest population growth –  Ever increasing demand for essential items, never can be met by any economic plan or any wizard. So “poverty” is an ever chasing phenomena in India. “People who do not eat well  cannot think high, however great their skills are” – Quote by my Caribbean associate and Nobel Laureate in Economics (1979) Sir.Arthur Lewis. Hence people can be easily purchased and manipulated to any extent by the money power.

03) Indian politics is dominated by the leverage of “apartheid” (classes, quotas, reservations etc…).  Hence, the elected representatives in the parliament is always be physically (and notoriously) powerful and  mentally  inferior. (Support – Remarks of the First Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in the first Lok Sabha meeting,  just after the independence).

04)  Indian elected members and key government personnel accept money (bribe) and create high value scams in favour of  a foreign nation, even though it causes danger, insecurity and destruction to Indian economy. They are protected by the Parliament and all hierarchy in the government.

05) The   merger of East and  West Germanies in 1989 and the subsequent  dwindling of the USSR (the  balancing Eastern power to US) in 1991, the “Communism” has died once far all in the world. These fortified communist nations now support and look for assistance from US ! But it is amazing that the communists still thrive, grow, get into (joint) power and rule India, as well as oppose any US proposal submitted to India !! It is annoying the US policy makers.

06) India is an unique nation impregnated in philosophy which rules over the common sense and wisdom. The prime philosophy, advantageous to be exploited by all foreign nation  is “Tolerance” (Formatted, propagated, trained and promoted by Mahathma Gandhi). Indians tolerate any nonsense, put up with it, grow and survive in it. Example – Indian national congress was formed by Mahathma Ganthi and native Indian leaders in 1885, to remove the foreign rule (British) from the Indian soil. The party slowly dwindled and the largest piece designated as “Indira Congress” elected an Italian born (foreigner) as their President in 1998 (From removal of the foreign rule to the acceptance of a foreign leadership !) Also promoted the image of this Foreign born president (Sonia) with a “Gandhi” tag, to make believe the uneducated rural population in India, that their new leader is a family heir of Mahathma Gandhi, who got the Indian freedom !!

07) India is country of “unity in diversity”. It means that India is made up of a diverse 42 nations (35 staes+7 territories) and in a “liquidated” unity.  Hence US cannot take over India by applying their tested “war” approaches in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanisthan, Iraq etc…, with the support and sanctions from the UN (an army and warfare supported setup to promote peace affiliate, in the hands of US !).
According to Pascal’s law, any force applied at any point inside a “liquid” is propagated equally in all directions. It is impossible to predict which point will explode under the distributed hydraulic pressure  and end in an uncontrollable damage to the  originator of the force !!  Indian economy functions under  Pascal’s law.

I hope, I have provided  sufficient support factors  for US  to  "love" and select India (and  India alone) for their power extension programs, through an “Economic trapping” techniques. (and not any other far east nation).


US is now constrained to function as an Ostiary (Entrace guard) of the East and Far east nations. The “key” to acquire such a power is to catch India through an “Economic trap”. The ultimate and expected end results to strengthen the stand of US as a super power in the world are (Extracts from authorised US declarations, with my appropriate comments) :-

01)  Preventing Asia from being dominated by any single power that has the capacity to crowd out others and which may use aggressive assertion of national self interest to threaten American presence, American alliances, and American ties with the regional states.

02) Eliminating the threats posed by state sponsors of terrorism who may seek to use violence against innocents (particularly in US) to attain various political objectives, and more generally neutralising the dangers posed by terrorism and religious extremism to free societies.

03) Arresting the further spread of weapons of mass destruction and related technologies (not palatable by US) to other countries and sub-national entities, including sub-state actors operating independently or in collusion with United states.

04) Promoting the spread of democracy not only as an end in itself but also as a strategic means of preventing illiberal polities from exporting their internal struggles over power abroad. (against the internal interests of US).

05) Advancing the diffusion of economic development with the intent of spreading peace through prosperity through the expansion of a liberal international economic order that increases trade in goods, services, and technology worldwide. (So that all developing nations will not progress economically, without the assistance from US).

06) Protecting the global commons, especially the sea lanes of communications, through which flow not only goods and services critical to the global economy but also undesirable commerce such as drug trading, human smuggling, and weapons of mass destruction technologies. ( US is the ultimate sufferer of these activities).

07) Preserving energy security by enabling stable access to existing energy sources through efficient and transparent market mechanisms (both internationally and domestically), while collaborating to develop new sources of energy through innovative approaches that exploit science and technology.  (Creating a captive market for US technology and experts).
08) Exercising an effective control over Japan, South Korea, and possibly China, who could jointly assume the role of a balancing “Eastern Super Power” against US. (By filling the vacuum left over by the late USSR).



On November 16, 2005, Carnegie Senior Associate Ashley J. Tellis testified before the House Committee on International Relations. His testimony was part of the hearing on "The US-India Global Partnership: How Significant for American Interests?" called by Chairman of the Committee Henry Hyde to examine the implications of the U.S.-India civilian nuclear cooperation.

b) http://drvsrs-store/page1.html

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