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Economics/ATM Accepting Coins Currency ?.


Dear Prof Dr Michael

Assuming that $50, $100 are manufactured as coins then can ATM Machine accept (input) and output to the Customer who wants to withdraw money in the forms of coins ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

I hope you don't mind if I answer both questions in one response.

Regarding machines that accept coin exchanges, yes, absolutely.  Vending machines have been able to accept and issue coin currency in both an accurate and timely manner, so there's no reason an ATM couldn't be made which does the same.

Regarding why paper money tends to have a higher value, I'm not certain.  In my best guess, I'd have to say this: During ancient times, and in many places even in modern times, coins were the only available currency.  It was much easier to mold or stamp soft metals like silver and gold than it was to hand-paint paper currency in the pre-printing press era.  Inflation is a constant influence which reduces the purchasing power of currency, however.  It's possible that as cultures required higher or different denominations of currency that they eventually resorted to paper currency as technology made that the cheaper/safer option, but kept coins in their devalued state.  Again, I'm not 100% certain of that, it's just an educated guess.

I'm also sorry to say that I will not be answering any more questions on  My life has taken a turn that has required me to end my time as an economist and focus on supporting my family.  I wish you the best.



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