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What is a supply chain ? How it is used in economizing the cost ?

Supply chain concept
Supply chain concept  
I thank you for selecting the all experts and me to answer your question. It is a new and important concept all over the world. It is becoming popular in the current global business.
A manufacturing organization gets raw materials, produces a product and sells to their customers.
In this process,
a) There is a movement of raw materials from the supplier to the company– This is an inward supply movement.
b) There is a  movement of finished goods to the dealers, retailers, whole salers  or customers – There is an outward supply movement.
c) If we plan and synchronise both these movements through a single or  a group of transport operator, then it is  a supply chain.
d) Movement of materials is called logistics

70% of the Multi National Companies are using third party logistics (3PL- From Fortune 1000 companies).
Finding transport companies to do this chained supply of inward raw materials and outward finished goods is called Outsourcing
a) These goods movement jobs are given on contract to Logistic  companies.  
b) Supply chain is  Transaction based.
c) It is  Relationship based between a raw material supplier, producer and the distributors/customers for the finished goods.
d) The Location familiarity of the transporter is important.
e) Experience of the logistic company is important.
f) Logistic company’s  Weight & Size handling ability is to be studied and selected.
g) The Value of goods versus delivery cost should be competitive.  
h) A supply chain  reduces the finished goods stock.
i) Planned Air, Sea, Rail, Road chain  saves time, cost and systems performance.
j) Supply chain improves the transportation Verses building Warehouses
k) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can  locate performance based logistics for Reduction in delivery cost.
l) Frequent evaluation of the logistic  (Delivery time, Quantity delivered, Damages etc.. is essential in Supply chain.  
This  are  the total concept of supply chain.


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