How much of this is pure fiction and should we be afraid?

ANSWER: Thank you for your query.  I viewed just a few minutes of the video.  Bear in mind that it was uploaded in 2011.  A lot has happened since.  I would be concerned about the economy because: a. many Americans gave up looking for jobs, b. many people stay on welfare rather than find a job, c. our savings rate is non existent, d. we spend too much and live beyond our means, among other things.  Good luck.

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QUESTION: That had nothing to do with the video. Who is this dark group of private bankers that pretty much own us that few have stood up against? Why isn't the federal reserve publically owned? Couldn't we better control our inflation without a private bank running the show and having exclusive right to print our currency?

I do apologize but I am not familiar with "this dark group of private bankers".  The Federal Reserve is a government agency, which is owned by the public. Though it is not publicly traded, no private sector ownership there. Monetary policy is in general in the hands of a monetary authority like the Federal Reserve or a Central Bank with leeway to exercise open market transactions to contract or expand money supply.  Domestic currency, bills and coins in circulation, are "printed" keeping a relationship with the amount of hard currency, gold and silver, kept as a reserve in the monetary authority's vault.  Money gets printed to replace old bills and in some cases, if out of control, e.g. to finance government spending, for political purposes with the sad result of inflation.  I trust this answers your follow up question.  


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