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Can a medium overpower all other aspects in an environment ?  Can you give some examples of how this idea might apply to today's society? In Canada, Toronto is a dynamic city with research on many economic areas. Mr.Marshall Mc Luhan, a scholar from Toronto school of communication, has created a concept "Medium is the Message".  Is it feasible ?


Marshal McLuhan (1911 to 1980), the man who coined the term "global village" and the phrase "the medium is the message," did say about the various ways human beings extend themselves, and how these extensions affect our relationships with one another. First, we must understand what McLuhan meant by the term "extension(s)."
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1) The child communicates with the mother through physical expressions.
2) The child subsequently, extends to communicate through the mother tongue.
3) In the school, the ability extends further to the languages taught.
4) Subsequently it extends further by writing.
5) These extensions  for such communications are endless, as the age extends.
6) The common ground for all these communication extensions are the media. The media are the voices, document, phone, mobile etc… and currently the internet.
7) Hence it is the medium which transmits the message and not the source (individual). This leads to the inference that "the medium is the message" of   Marshal McLuhan.
8) The medium changes over a period of time, supported by the research & development in Science and Technology, to effectively communicate both quantitatively and qualitatively.
9) There is also a caution that the medium can absorb the source message and transmit it with a different meaning to the end receiver. (This is common   in automated and computer assisted translations. Example :  Input message is “Tell him not, Ignore him”. When it is transmitted by an electronic medium it could be delivered to the receiver as “Tell him, not Ignore him”. (An exact opposite of the input, because of  a shift in the comma !!!).
10)  In a student’s life, when they appear for the University examination, their hand should know the answer (write the correct answer and at a speed to finish the answers within a time period).
11)  I was an associate of the Nobel Laureate Arthur Lewis (Economic Science – 1979). He said that “The quantum of expressible surplus” of knowledge, decides the success of a person. It means that what a person can expose out through voice or publishing media, makes him/her popular among the public, than the quantum of knowledge inside in his mind !!


Communication plays an important role in the demand and supply concept of Economics.

a. The buyers and suppliers extend their actions and reactions on the media and methodology deployed, based on the communication about a product.
b. The competitors trust on the media and matters of communication of a seller, to frame their strategies to become a market leader.
c. The traditional Public announcements and news paper/ magazine advertisements/radio messages are now taken  over by TV, Mobile and internet.
d. Human beings have extended themselves to the new media, and these extensions have greatly affected their relationships with one another, both in their thought and actions.
e. This has modified the concept of  "the medium is the message" of   Marshal McLuhan, to “the medium and methodology is the message”

There is an ancient support, for effective business strategy through “Medium + Methodology” pack applicable to the current changed environments.

The Mahabharata War of the most ancient in the world,  is a critical marker in  “Medium + Strategic methodology” guideline for the world, in the early Indian history. Modern studies using powerful software that can reconstruct the ancient skies, based  on  approximate  conjunction of the planets mentioned in the epic, predict that the war was initiated on Feb 17, 3102 BC.

The Mahabharata epic - the text of 100,000 verses - which is a source for the events of the War from the  history  ? The epic itself claims to have been originally just 8,800 verses composed by Krishna Dvaipayana, Vyasa and  the Jaya. Later, it became 24,000 verses, called the Bharata, when it was recited by Vaishampayana. Finally, it was recited as the 100,000 versed epic (the Mahabharata) by Ugrashravas, the son of Lomaharshana.

Note – The names are those of the Kings (rulers), Rishis (philosophers) and the strategic advisers of  the Indian states during the 3,500 to 2,500 BC period. The war was fought on the plains of Kuruksetra, a district of Northern Indian State of Haryana. Kurukshetra was originally given to an area covered by 48 kosas (land measurement scale used in India)  with  860 places of pilgrimage which exist even today, in 29.97°N and 76.85°E,  It is about 150 km / 100 miles Northwest of Delhi, the Indian capital. The war was a big 3 Weeks battle between the Pandavas (5 brothers depicting good and truth) and Kauravas (100 cousin brothers of pandavas, depicting the harmful and untruth).

NOTE : Vyuham = Army Formation.

1) If the enemy attacks like a Flood water flow format (Pralaya Vyuham), with a powerful rushing force method – Counter Attack in a  Tetrahedron format (a polyhedron with  4 plane faces – Chathur buja vyagra Vyuham) structure to split  the impact of forces at 90 degree angles. Moral – The 90 degree resolution of any force F is F Cos 90 = F X 0 = Null. In today’s science this concept is used to stop sea erosion.

In management, if the competitor try to capture the market by mass / wide spread advertisement media (horizontal consumer brain wash), announce discounts, gifts and economy packs (vertical consumer gains), as your method to counter balance.

2) If the enemy attacks in a Snake format (Sarpa Vyuham), with a spiral forward motion – Counter attack in an Eagle flight (Garuda Vyugam) structure. Moral – Eagle is the natural and powerful enemy to the snakes. A spiral motion needs curved and wasted ground  force to follow and grab.  Hence attempt with a random access flying force to capture the objects from any point on the curve.

The equivalent strategic management situation is, if  a competitor follows the method of  incentives to sell the product through  a large volume of randomly and remotely located retail outlets, then approach with a  multi media, Cine/TV advertisement to reach  the consumers at every nook and corner in the nation, through a counter random approach mass media.

3) If the enemy approaches in a Frog format (Bekha Vyuham) then attack in a Snake formation (Sarpa Vyuham). Moral – Snake is the natural and powerful enemy to a frog. Frog jumps and goes forward. This could destroy packets of our resources at random points. Hence a spiral forward motion is recommended to capture the attacking force from any point it lands.

The equivalent strategic management methodology is, if the investment and productive or storage points of a corporate sector are distributed at  random packet locations to provide an economy in operations,  link them by proper spirally formatted information network media.

4) If the enemy attacks with large quantum of  fearful fire arms (Agni Vyuham), then nullify it with water jet (Veerya sikhtha jala vyuham) and fire-annihilation (Agni nashika vyuham) techniques. Moral –Fire destroys all objects in its way. Hence it should be stopped at the entry levell.

The equivalent strategic management method in a production shop with intensive welding and heat treatment operations is to construct the roof with water jet nozzles and provide plenty of fire extinguishing media, both at the entrance and inside.

5) If there are some powerful people in the enemy, with ability to alter the war strategies at random and in unexpected fashion, then meet them and inform truths (or near truths), which will destroy their mental stability. Moral – Even though it is an unethical war strategy, it is used in Mahabharatha war.

The equivalent strategic management method is to attract the intelligent and productive persons with the competitors, through the method of  more attractive salaries and benefits.

This is what happens when a developed national corporate unit opens their production operations in a developing / under developed nation. The labour and technicians desert the domestic sectors and join the foreign unit, due to monetary and other incentive, without knowing their longevity.

6) If the kith, kins, teachers and elders of respect, join the enemy and fight against you, then ignore the worldly affinity and relationships. "Do your duty to fight and win the war and leave the result to an almighty". Moral – This is the essence.of Mahabharatha war in “Bagavath Geetha”, in the Bhishma Parva of the Mahabharata epic. Due to differences in the versions, they may be numbered in the full text of the Mahabharata as chapters 6.25 to 6.42 or as chapters 6.23 to 6.40. There 700 verses. This  has provided many dynamic media+methodological strategies, particularly in the area of man power management.

The manpower job appraisal should not be mixed with inter personal relationships. The performer should be rewarded and the non-performer should be warned and motivated to perform well, and if necessary terminated. Management information system should be tuned to provide the correct and timely data for people to perform well.


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