How has economics evolved since say 1850 in regard to the cost of living versus income? I imagine a long time back before women really joined the work force men got paid more to support a household, wife, and children since women couldn't work? Is it fair to say that men get paid quite a lot less now that women also work? Even to the degree that two incomes have become needed for many things? Not saying women shouldn't work, but has the economy changed as that two incomes have become necessary for many people?

Thank you for your query.  There are several questions here and answers will certainly depend on the location.  Europe? United States? Asia? Colonies? New Nations? First nations? Every socio economic structure will give you a different answer.  Are we talking patriarchal societies? Very hard to give you a general answer.  You may want to do some research and narrow down your query to a specific geographical area and socio economic group.  There are many textbooks for history of economics that may be of assistance.  My favorite is one by former professor Carlos Diaz Alejandro.  Good luck.


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