QUESTION: What work is considered to be "stable" work? I have been told that women might be reluctant to date me because my work isn't stable. I have worked the same two jobs for 1.5 years for one of them and about 4 years for the other. To me that doesn't seem unstable. So I am forced to assume "stable" is code for a comfortable rate of pay. lol. Are there economic measures of stability of jobs, and what are the characteristics of jobs when assuming their stability?

ANSWER: Thank you for your query.  You are right.  Your jobs are stable.  4 years is a good time  frame.  However, it may be what you say, "comfortable rate of pay" or even worse, "type of job".  Remember that Wolfgang Puck was left high and dry on the dancing floor in his starting years when he answered "I am a cook", look at him now.  People may be judgemental, so not to worry.  To me, a stable job is such a person has been able to maintain for 3 years plus, same for profession, if the person is a free lancer and works on a project basis.    I don't know what else to tell you.  

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QUESTION: Any coorelations among those with low longevity? Maybe a cook has longer employment than a CEO, or a congressman than a football player. Does income factor, or decision making, or change of health concerns? Any studies done on this?

Not an easy question to answer.  Longevity factors are also linked to other factors such as: access to preventive medicine, clean water, diet, levels of stress, levels of activity, among others.  Am certain you may find all sorts of studies, especially in Mediterranean countries.  Bear in mind that Spain and Italy, on average, have a life expectancy of about 10 more years than the USA.  Good luck.


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