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Interested in finding out the following. All industries use a breakdown of raw materials. For example making cars uses plastics, steel, rubber. Are there any publications or resources that allows one to identify the breakdown of raw materials that go into finished products. For example how much steel, plastic etc. is used in a car as with most other industries.
Where can one learn more about the % composition of raw material used in different industries.

Thank you for your query. Not an easy question.  You may want to look into stats published by the World Bank or by universities, focusing on the industry you are interested.  There are also books on the specific cost structure of a certain industry and, even more, narrowing it down to a product, that will give you an idea of the percentages of raw materials and other factors used in the manufacturing of a specific product. Your best bet is to check your school library for starters or check the net for the Bureau of National Statistics, the World Bank Data bases, and industry data bases.  Good luck.


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