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Ecuador/Bus from Quito to Cali


Hi Robin,

My name is Jennifer and I am currently travelling South America. I am currently in Quito and I depart for the Galapogas tomorrow morning returning Dec 5th. I am hoping you can help provide some information on how I would get to Cali Columbia when I return to Quito next week. I have been looking for a bus company that operate this route but cannot find anything online.
Also I would like you opinion on whether this route is safe by bus?


Good afternoon Jennifer,

To take a bus from Quito to Colombia, there are really two ways: (1) limited number of direct buses; or (2) take a bus from Quito to Tulcan, and in Tulcan take an International bus to Colombia (e.g., Cali).  If things haven't changed, you can go with either Panamericana Internacional, located on Av. Colon, or with Rutas de America, located at Selva Alegre y 10 de Agosto.

Quito - Cali is about 20 hours.

You can book your trip when you're in Quito by going to the bus office - usually no real need to book ahead.

Personally, this is a trip I'd never make. If you can afford it at all, fly and spend the extra time either in Quito or Cali/Bogota. While there will be some beautiful scenery on these trips, there's also lots of winding mountain roads and lots of ho-hum.

Whatever you decide, have a wonderful time!


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