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Ecuador/malaria and yellow fever


QUESTION: Planning trip to Ecuador- 4 days of trip  will be at Yarina Lodge, Amazon area ( fly into El Coca, Puerto Francisco de Orellana ),then  upriver on Napo river.
CDC does list malaria and yellow fever as present. I am age 63 , wife is 59, not sure if we've had yellow fever vaccine in past. possibly 1986 pre Kenya trip.
Appreciate your thoughts re taking yellow fever vaccine and malaria prophylaxis., risk/benefit ratio.

ANSWER: Malaria medication is not required for the Amazon rain forest, and I have never taken this and frequently visit the rain forest.  If you were going to the southern Pacific coastal region (near Guayaquil) I would advise you to take malaria medication.

In terms of yellow fever, while not required or absolutely necessary, I would recommend this vaccination (if you want to be on the safe side ... but not crucial).

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QUESTION: Thanks for your advice
- re yellow fever risk- what is the number of cases of yellow fever seen in that area ( especially near Yarina lodge) per year ?
Apparently there is a higher risk of serious side effects from the vaccine in folks older than 60 thats why I want to be sure of the  risk/benefit ratio. Are there official recommendations from the Ecuadorean government for that area?

If I am not mistaken there hasn't been a report case of yellow fever in a long time.  While yellow fever vaccination is not a requirement official departments (tourism, health etc) do recommend it.  I would consult your local doctor to find out if the side effects merit taking the vaccination.  In my humble opinion (although I am not a medical professional) the risk is so low that I would advise my parent (in their late 60s & early 70s) not to take it ... unless they planned an unusual length of time in the rain forest.


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