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Hi Martha,   My husband and I have just booked an 8 day trip to Ecuador the beginning of November.  The trip stays inland and into the amazon.  My husband has to return to the states and is unable to extend his trip.  I would really love to extend it a few days in order to see the coast of Ecuador.  What suggestions do you have for a woman traveling by herself to the coast. i.e. traveling there, what to see, where to stay and then getting back to Quito for my flight.  I'd appreciate your suggestions very much. Thanks, Deb

Good afternoon Deb,

Actually my name is Robin (not Martha).

A great deal depends on your travel style and experience, and if you have a working knowledge of Spanish.

Generally speaking I would recommend in the Puerto Lopez/Montanita area (a nice place to stay is Mantaraya Lodge), the Canoa region (farther north, north of Bahia de Caraquez. Of all the coastal region, my favourite (most picturesque, lovely beaches and relatively quiet) is the Machalilla National Park area, with a special focus on Los Frailes Beach.

Some nice places to stay in this general region would include: Casa Ceibo or La Piedra (Bahia de Caraquez), Palmazul (San Clemente), Canoa Beach Hotel or Hosteria Canoa (in Canoa), Atamari (Puerto Lopez) and Hosteria Alandaluz (Puerto Rico)

In terms of flights, they really go in and out of either Esmeraldas (in the far north) ... and area that I find over-developed and unattractive, Manta (which in the case of the places indicated above makes more sense) or Salinas (in the south near Guayaquil).

Hope this helps a bit.

Warmest regards,



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