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Could I ask you to please tell me the name of the hotel that's located right in the center of Malacatos and let me know the best way to contact it in order to make a reservation?

Thank you very much; I appreciate your time.


ANSWER: Dear Roberti,
Many thanks for your question.
Regarding the hotel in Malacatos, I am pleased to recommend you the Hosteria Vieja Molienda, it seems that their web is not working  
Telephone: (593 7) 267 3239 / 2585 984
Address: Vía Malacatos Km. 24, Catamayo, Loja, Ecuador

I hope it helps.  Please let me know if you have any question.

Kind Regards,
Martha Salazar

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Martha,

Are you certain that the hostel/hotel you just recommended above is in the town of Malacatos as I'd specified?  It appears to be in the town of Catamayo, which is where the airport serving the city of Loja is located...and is thus about an hour and a half by car from the town of Malacatos.

Please check this out and clarify; just to be clear, I require accommodation right in the central part of Malacatos...I know that there is a hotel there almost across from the town square but I do not know its name or contact information.

Thank you.


Hello Robert,

The Vieja Molienda Hostería is about 1 km from Malacatos center.  There is another very economic hostal just across the Park, the Sol & Sombra Hostal, (593 7) 2673-246.

Hope it helps.  Please let me know if you have any other question.

Kind Regards,
Martha Salazar  


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