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I am a Finance major right now in my 2nd year. In the next 7 terms I will complete my 4 years. My concern rises here because I am confused if I should go ahead with this decision of mine. I want to double major, with Marketing as my second major. I need 187 credits in total to complete my Finance major (1 subject = 4 credits). I have 74 credits as of now with a GPA of 3.46. As per my calculations, I will require another 8 terms to complete these two majors (without doing summers), but by taking 20 credits each term. I can already sense that it will be excruciatingly tough BUT is it worth it? Here is also a second option - a double major in Business Economics and Finance. Business Economics and Finance will complete in 4 years without an extra term like how it would take in a Finance and a Marketing double major. Which one would be a better choice? Or is it even a good choice to go ahead with a double major? I will also be honest that I am just average in Math.

My dad already runs a diamond business, but unfortunately we are not doing that great. As it looks now, I can definitely assure that I will carry forward his business. So is it worth any of the double major? Thank you.

Dear Nikhil:

I sense a lot of confusion and doubts on your part as to what career path(s) should be as your ultimate career choice for your future, therefore, double major may not be a good judgment at this time. I recommend however, that you honestly sit down with your own self and list down your best interests and disinterest without any outside interferences, after all, it is you who will face the consequences of bad or good decision, which might set you back in time and time is actually money especially in your case!  

Double major in many cases can become just a waste of time and credits especially if the choices of the two programs are not beneficial to one another. You need to focus on one particular major that you actually love to know more about and be highly qualified to pursue it as a career path.

Again, I suggest though, that if your strength is in business and/ or marketing, then divert your complete attention to any one of these two fields of education to actually prosper and do well especially in your dadís business. Accordingly, if finance is not your strength then you should not tackle it and especially you know it is neither your strong point nor your preferred career choice.

For this reason, you need to meet immediately with the school advisor to logically match you with the program that practically meet your immediate needs before losing time, credits, and money as well. He/ she should take the credits you have already completed and transfer what is applicable if not all of them to the right program that you need, prefer. and should meet your career desire the most without any further delay.  

You need to decide, because, what is the benefit of finishing up something that   may not be useful or the major key to your success. Then, it definitely will become just   a useless piece of paper to you and/or to your dadís business at the end of your education endeavor.

Remember that the choice is  always yours at the end.

Best of luck

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