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How do I get transcript's from a school that no longer around? Are my credits any good for transfer? If credits no good, why should I continue to pay for the balance of Financial Aid. Graduated in 1995,I only have my degree as proof.


Dear Nellie:

The issue of transferability of credits can vary from one school to another by restricted   range of decisions. Hence, credits are governed by the decision making of each school individually, which normally is based on grades, choice of subject matter, and program availability.

In addition, colleges and schools have to follow the rules and regulation of their own, which must coincide also with the regulations of the education system of the Department of Education, and the accrediting body to be able to grant any transferability of credits to any student.

So,  since you have received a credential that proofs you have completed the requirements needed of a program of your choice, then payments obligation to the financial lending institution(s) will still be valid.

Best of luck

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